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About Modisoft

Modisoft was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Sohail Modi.

He was inspired to start this business after starting his career in the Retail Industry. His experience made him realize that an automated and integrated hardware and software solution could greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of his business operations. Modisoft Books was his first effort to transform the way business was conducted. This product was developed to help him meet his business objectives and was later shared with his friends and associates that operated in the same sector. After an overwhelming response to Modisoft Books, he formally launched his company and expanded his product and service lines to meet the needs of his growing customer base.

Over the years, Modisoft has evolved, however we still strive to meet the unique needs of worldwide business clients. Our integrated POS hardware and software solutions are designed to help retail businesses conduct business smarter. As such, our base of valued clients throughout the United States has grown exponentially. Our solutions are feature-rich and help with all aspects of a business including Back Office Operations, Inventory and Sales Management, Financial Reporting, Lottery and Fuel Sales Management, and much more.

mPOS solutions are easy to deploy in numerous retail business environments such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pop-up stores, food trucks, and much more. We are committed to provide exceptional customer service. Our team of dedicated support professionals provide one-window-solutions to make sure that our customers are maximizing the benefits of their investment in a POS system.

Our corporate office is located in Sugar Land, Texas.


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About Our Team

It's not just our innovative technology that makes us reliable business partner but also our team. Our team works round the clock to provide superior customer service, relationship management, and additional support that is unrivalled in the industry. We don't believe in just selling products, we believe in empowering our customers by giving them the resources they deserve.

Modisoft technical team for voice authorization and client assistance is comprised of efficient and well-trained service professionals who are available 24X7. As a Modisoft customer, you can be assured of responsive online customer support to help protect your business's interests.