Reward yourself

Small businesses will not find a marketing option better suited to their needs.
Our loyalty system lets you bring back as regulars.

Take a minute to think about the possibilities of what would happen if every single customer who visited your store became a regular, or at least came back to make one more purchase. You can definitely grow your business by bringing in new customers, but you do not want to overlook the importance of ensuring current customers come back again and again. Modisoft gives you the tools you need to take those casual shoppers and turn them into regular customers. This is thanks to customized offers that make returning irresistible.

Track Your With Ease

Not only does Modisoft Rewards help you turn casual shoppers into regulars, but it also lets you keep track of them. The system gives you a customer database that is automatically updated whenever a new customer registers for Modisoft Rewards with your store. The system takes care of everything for you, including tracking the rewards each member earns. When they reach the proper stage of their shopping journey with your store, we will automatically send the relevant rewards, no effort required on your part.

Redeeming Is Easy

For the customers…

After signing up, a customer can easily sign in or redeem their rewards. They will only need to have their phone number handy. Best of all, customers will not feel that it is a hassle to sign in since doing so gives them rewards. Some may even look forward to it as it puts them one step closer to the next reward.

For your store…

All of the loyalty interactions with your customers take place on the Modisoft software. This software is intuitive and works on your point of sale system or on a tablet, depending on your preference.

Did you know?

60 percent of customers only and never return.

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Get Returning Customers and Boost Your Sales

It takes time to grow your business, and loyalty programs play an increasing role. Loyalty programs via Modisoft Rewards will let you harness that loyalty interest.

Improve Customer Relations

To build trust and loyalty between customers and your store, you need effective communication. The communication in Modisoft Rewards will help your company grow its reputation as well as its brand name.

Have a Competitive Advantage

Having a strong loyalty program will move the customer behavior into your favor. Companies with successful loyalty programs tend to do better, and Modisoft Rewards lets you become one of them.

Boost Business Intelligence

The Modisoft Rewards system provides you with access to key customer data. With that data, you can better understand your customers and make important decisions that will help your store grow.

via our application or in-store

Start earning rewards for purchases with just your phone number. No other information is necessary.


The software features a Promotions tool perfect for improving foot traffic via special offers or events, from holidays to your store’s anniversary. Use the tool with AutoPilot and send customers one-time offers that will bring them into the store.

The Most Compelling Words

Use “suggested promotions” to choose the words that will be the most compelling. This information is based on data so you can count on the suggestions.

The Ideal Channel

You can send the promotions to your customers via push notifications, emails, or text. This way, you can reach customers via their preferred channels, ensuring you make an impact.

The Perfect Timing

Use the system to easily send a promotion whenever inspiration hits. Alternatively, you can schedule your promotions ahead of time, perfect for upcoming events or sales.

Use the System on the Go

You do not have to be in your store to use the software, including sending promotions. The Modisoft Manager App lets you send your promotions via your smartphone. This app even supports adding an image, which will increase the claim rate by 25 percent.