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What our clients are saying about us

We have 6 store setup with Modisoft, the newly introduced feature of importing EDI Invoice is excellent feature and it has helped us in saving lot of time in recording purchases.

-Parvez Mulji (President/CEO - Vstavia B.P)

Modisoft Back office system provides very good inventory Management System for Convenience stores; the Live Sales Data keeps me informed of my business position all the time. Where I go, my business travels with me. We have been using Modisoft service for 3 of stores and it has really assisted us in better and efficient management of business.

- Sharif Prasla (President/CEO - Fast Food Store)

I am Modisoft customer for more than 3 years and we are using services for 3 stores. The Back office has really improved the overall management of my multiple stores, all the stores are available under one login access. We are extensively using all Back office features. I always keep an eye on my bank position and Modisoft Back office helps me efficiently manage my bank balances.

- Sameer Vishnani (President - Cloud 9 Convenience)

We have been using Modisoft Back office in our 4 locations. Their Price Book management feature is excellent and it really helps in efficient management of all my 4 locations. I can control prices on one single click. Customer services is also easy to access without much waiting.

- Milin Patel (Owner - Quick Stop)

We have installed Modisoft services at about 40 of our stores, the Back Office really helps us in smooth management of our chain stores. It saves lot of time and resources in managing business under on single account and under one single access. We get instant reports and data for our daily business operations

- Karim J Ali. (Owner - Bigs Group)