Modisoft Digital Menu Boards let you embrace the future while making a positive impression of your business.

Digital Menu Board

You always strive to find more methods of customer engagement as a restauranteur. Modisoft Digital Menu Boards let you embrace the future while making a positive impression of your bar or restaurant. The state-of-the-art designs on Modisoft Digital Menu Boards can deliver excellent service and modernity via the latest technology, setting your restaurant apart from the competition.

Reduce Waste and Cost

Although they have a high-end appearance, Modisoft Digital Menu Boards can eliminate the costs associated with expensive hardware, those linked to physical menu updates, and high-dollar custom static menu boards. Enjoy reduced waste by no longer printing menus that require frequent replacements due to item or price changes.

Reduce Waste and Cost
Engage Using Digital Signage

Engage Using Digital Signage

Digital signage in your store lets you use your brand voice in a digital manner. Use the board to increase customer engagement with limited-time offers, product highlights, and event promotions. Bring in new customers with your window signage that showcases special offers.

More Advantages of Modisoft Digital Menu Boards

  • Web-Based Interface - Log into your account from any device using the web-based interface and change the screen or screens as needed by pushing changes immediately.
  • Advertise Special Offers - Prominently display special offers so customers can take advantage of the promotion, which encourages brand loyalty and let you build a strong customer base.
  • Highlight Products - Use the digital menu board to feature a new item or a product you want to show off, ensuring everyone knows it exists.
  • Use Your Brand Voice - Customize your digital menu board to use your restaurant brand’s voice. With so many templates, there is one for every restaurant.
  • Improve Visual Appeal - Digital menu boards make establishments more visually appealing and modern. Place them throughout the space to show off your fresh design.
  • Use Window Displays to Draw In Customers - Use the boards as eye-catching signs in the window to highlight your special offers and improve the customer experience even before they become clients.

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